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The National Directory of Emergency Services was created by an EMT (PCP) who had the vision of a national publication containing all the contact details for emergency services across Canada.

With this in mind he set out to collect details and compile a directory. A directory that would be practical and valued by all who use it, but not all agencies were receptive to this idea.

Some agencies resisted or even flat out refused to help in this project, but through hard work, persistence, patience, research and several hundred phone calls, the directory was compiled and eventually printed.

First released in June 2003, the inaugural edition was welcomed by many agencies across Canada. At the time, the directory contained all agency addresses but a small percentage of phone numbers were absent.

Then in summer of 2004 an agreement was reached with Annex Publishing for the creation and distribution of the directory to every agency in Canada. The following March we released our 2005 Edition of the directory to 6,000 agencies across Canada and the feedback was again positive. Departments across Canada valued the idea of a central directory of emergency services.

We were pleased to include in our 2006 edition a "Community Service" page, which contains full colour ads from associations or groups within the Emergency Services community. Providing them a free space in our national directory to share their message with departments and personnel across Canada.

Today, the National Directory of Emergency Services is a comprehensive directory, which contains both the address and phone number for every Police, Fire and EMS services in Canada as well as many additional listings in the back of our directory. The Resource section of the directory is a valuable tool providing contact details for emergency service related agencies across the country.

Thanks to our Advertisers and Annex Publishing (Canadian Firefighter and EMS Quarterly & Fire Fighting in Canada Magazines), every police, fire and ambulance service in Canada will continue to receive a complimentary copy of the directory, with the option of purchasing additional copies if required at a new reduced rate!

Now with over 6200 listings, this book is a must have for anyone associated with Emergency Response, Law Enforcement, Corrections or Emergency Measures in Canada.


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