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The current edition of The National Directory of Emergency Services contains the contact details for all emergency services in Canada, including new sections we have added this year. The directory contains:-

  • 900+ Ambulance Listings
Including the address and phone number for every service in Canada, as well as all station locations for provincial services.
  • 3750+ Fire Listings
The address and phone number for Canadian fire services, including our own list of 25+ Airport Fire Services.
  • 1225+ Police Listings
Here you will not only find the address and phone number for every police service in Canada, you will also find all provincial and federal detachments.
  • 225+ Resource Listings
What a better way to round out the book then including the address and phone numbers for agencies you would most likely contact on a daily or emergency basis.

including Canadian Forces Military Fire Departments
including Canadian Forces Military Police Detachments


Under the continually growing Resource section of the directory, you will find the following agencies and/or groups:-

  • Emergency Measures (Provincial)
  • Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (Federal)
  • Rescue Coordination Centres
  • Canadian Forces Bases
  • Provincial EHS Listings
  • Fire Marshal Offices
  • Federal Agencies (misc)
  • Canada Customs Agencies
  • Search & Rescue Group Listings
  • Canada Revenue Agency Enforcement
  • Canada Transport Agency Enforcement
  • Environment Canada Enforcement
  • Correctional Services Canada
  • Provincial Correctional Centres
  • National Parole Board Regional Offices
  • First Response Cleanup Companies

Our current edition is once again produced by Annex Publishing and is a high quality, full colour, magazine style directory with over 80 pages of essential information for every Emergency Service and Emergency Service related agency in Canada.

With The National Directory of Emergency Services you not only get High Quality information, you also get a High Quality Product.

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