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As you can see, The National Directory of Emergency Services in one of the most valuable and well laid out directories you can have.

Within your agency, you will also find the directory valuable for other personnel and departments such as:-
  • Dispatch Centres
  • Senior & Junior Management
  • Communications Departments
  • Emergency Response Units
  • Disaster Planning Personnel
  • Fire / Crime Prevention
  • Detectives & Investigators
  • Detention & Court Services
  • Corrections & Parole Staff
  • Other Locations, Stations & Branches
  • just to name a few...
Pretty much anyone you can think of who interacts with other agencies would benefit from our directory.

And... along with a the new edition comes a new price! We now offer our directory for only $50.00 each through Annex Publishing with the link below.

Whether you are in your office or in the field handling an emergency or disaster, you can rest assured that all the information you need to help manage the crisis will be available at your finger tips!

Investing a few dollars now will save your agency and personnel frustration, time and money, especially when your in a hurry and need the information yesterday!

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2012 Edition Cover

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