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People have written in stating they are receiving spam from this site, with various advertisements in the email.

I would like to start by assuring you that no one here is spamming anyone, that is guaranteed as we only maintain a single email address.

What we believe is one person is using a made up email address from this site and spamming people on the net. The reality is not only are you annoyed, but we are too.

For the few emails you are receiving from the spammers, we are getting all the bounced email back to us, which can be up to 1500 emails a DAY! Yes, One thousand five hundred junk email every day.

So please accept our apologies if you are being spammed but I can assure you it is not our site and hopefully at some point and time, the person will grow tired and move on, to put their energy to a positive use.

I would recommend you contact the companies being advertised and share the linking information with them. This will show them who is benefitting from the advertisements and maybe they can demand them to stop on your behalf.

Since this has become so out of hand, we have officially launched complaints in writing to:-

RECOL - Complaint ID: 12769
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police - "H" Division
The Hong Kong Police
Cape Breton Regional Police HQ

At the moment, The Hong Kong Police are not responding to our communications but all other services have acknowledged our complaints and agree this is a criminal matter. They are pursing ways to excerise authority to the person(s) responsible, who we believe to be based in China using China Telecom, who will also not acknowledge repeated attempts to have this matter resolved.

We will continue to pursue this matter and hope we can get some resolution sooner than later. Assistance from any other authority is always welcomed.

If any further information is found on these people, we would welcome the information ourselves, via our contact form.

UPDATE: August 2005
We have received a call from the RCMP "H" Division, who confirmed their countpart in China have requested further details regarding this case and they will be pursuing this matter in their country. On behalf of EmergencyServices.ca, I would like to that the RCMP and the Chinese Law Enforcement Agencies who are helping with resolving this matter.


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